Solar Panels

The wifi of my Goodwe inverter is not working? What should I do?

Follow the steps in our manual to reset the Wifi of the Goodwe inverter.

What do the lights on my inverter mean?

Is there a premium for solar panels?

What is an inverter?

Why should I buy solar panels?

Are solar panels cost-effective?

Which orientation delivers the most?

How much does solar panel installation cost?

What guarantees am I entitled to?

What does Wp/kW mean?

What is an optimizer and when do you use it?

Do solar panels require a lot of maintenance?

There is snow on my solar panels, now what?

Do the panels work even when the sun is not shining?

Do solar panels have a long lifespan?

Home Batteries

What is a home battery?

A home battery is usually combined with solar panels. The battery ensures that the solar energy produced that you don't use yourself right away is
stored for later. That way, that energy can be used at times when the sun isn't shining.

Where do I best place my home battery?

Is a home battery safe?

Can I become completely grid independent with a home battery?

I have a solar panel installation, do I need an additional inverter for a home battery?

Why is it interesting to invest in a home battery?

How do I determine the capacity of my home battery?

Is there a premium for home batteries?

What is the lifespan of a battery?

Can you benefit from a home battery even without solar panels

Air conditioning

Does an air conditioner make a lot of noise?

An air conditioning system consists of 2 parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. In the indoor unit there is a whisper-quiet fan that you hardly hear during normal use. The outdoor unit has a noise level of about 40 to 50 dB, which corresponds to the sound of rustling leaves. If your air conditioner makes too much noise, it could also be due to poor maintenance. Fortunately, there are ways to muffle the noise a bit. For example, you can install vibration isolation, completely encase the outdoor unit, etc.

Do you use an air conditioner only in the summer?

An air conditioner costs a lot of money and uses a lot of electricity

Air conditioning gives you a cold?

Does an air conditioner also filter air?

Can an air conditioner also humidify?

Are air conditioning systems energy efficient?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of an air conditioner?

What air conditioning systems are there?

Heat Pumps

What types of heat pumps are there?

We distinguish four heat pumps, all these pumps work on the same principle, the only difference per pump is in the way heat
is extracted and delivered.

- Water-water heat pump: A water-water heat pump extracts heat from the ground via an open or closed source. This is converted with high efficiency into energy for heating or cooling your home and/or heating domestic water.

-Air-Water Heat Pump: As the name implies, an Air-Water heat pump extracts its heat from the ambient air and pushes it compressed into the home. These pumps naturally work better in warmer weather (0-8°C) than in very cold temperatures (-25°to -10°C). As a result, the efficiency can vary a bit throughout the year.

-Air-to-air heat pump: An air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump is an energy-efficient device that controls the temperature in your home. When cooling, heat is extracted from the room through the indoor unit. Through pipes, this heat is transported from indoor to outdoor unit. Along the outdoor unit, this heat is dissipated.

-Ground-Water Heat Pump: The Ground-Water heat pump draws its heat from the earth, sometimes as deep as 80m. The compressor then pushes the compressed heat into the home. The earth has an approximately constant temperature throughout the year. This makes the efficiency constant and therefore slightly better than Air - Water heat pumps.

What are the premiums for heat pumps?

Are heat pumps sustainable?

Can I connect a heat pump to my existing radiators?

Do I need to have my heat pump serviced often?

Can I combine my heat pump with solar energy?

Do I need a permit?

Can a heat pump also heat domestic water?


What does a ventilation system do?

Ventilation systems ensure that air is changed and bad, polluted air is removed. This can be done naturally or mechanically.

Why do I need to ventilate, why is ventilation important?

Is maintenance of a ventilation system important?

How do I know if I am adequately ventilating my home?

Does a ventilation system create drafts?

Does a ventilation system make noise?

When is ventilation mandatory?

Which rooms should I ventilate?

Charging points

What is a charging station?

A charging station or charging point is an infrastructure that provides energy to charge the batteries of electric vehicles. You connect the plug to the electrical outlet to charge your vehicle.

What types of charging stations and plugs are there?

How fast can my car charge?

Does a charging station need maintenance?

How much does it cost to charge my car?

Is a private charging station cheaper?

Can I pass on the cost of my charging station to my employer?