" Help build inexhaustible energy "

When we started EnergyKing, our goal was to use technology to bring cheap, renewable and inexhaustible energy within as many people's reach as possible. This is also what we do every day. We design systems that convert sunlight into electricity, or we extract heat from the environment to put into your home. At the same time, we're trying to drastically reduce your energy bill. We believe in investing in renewable energy, and we do it with you.

Your Team

Our management

<center>Lucas Robberechts</center>

Lucas Robberechts

Managing Director

πŸš€As a business manager with a focus on execution, Lucas ensures the flawless realization of EnergyKing's projects. πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ With passion and precision, he steers our teams toward successful results.

<center>Wiet Vande Velde</center>

Wiet Vande Velde

Managing Director

πŸš€ As the business manager of EnergyKing with a focus on sales, Wiet works with Lucas to steer the growth of our company in the right direction. πŸ’ͺ With a passionate approach and strategic insights, he ensures winning results. πŸ“ˆ

Our project managers

<center>Tobe Van Rompaey</center>

Tobe Van Rompaey

Air conditioning project manager

❄️ As an air conditioning project manager within EnergyKing, Tobe provides perfect climate solutions. 🌬️ With accurate planning and expertise, he delivers projects that let you breathe. You can also turn to him for combo projects! πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: tobe@energyking.be

<center>Wout Hamers</center>

Wout Hamers

Project Manager Home Batteries and Charging Points

🏠 As project manager for home batteries and charging points within EnergyKing, Wout provides renewable energy solutions that shape the future. β˜€οΈ With his incisive planning and extensive expertise, he realizes projects that highlight the power of renewable energy. He is also available for integrated green energy projects! 🌿

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: wout@energyking.be

<center>Lennert Vandeplas</center>

Lennert Vandeplas

Project Manager Solar Panels and Home Batteries

🌱 As a solar panel and home battery project manager, Lennert brings renewable energy to your home. πŸ’‘ With expertise and passion, he delivers projects that enable green power and self-sufficiency. Lennert also works very closely with all of our architects to bring their projects to fruition!

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: lennert.vandeplas@energyking.be

<center>Pieterjan Broos</center>

Pieterjan Broos

Heat pump project manager

β„οΈπŸŒ‘οΈ Innovation for a warm world! πŸ”₯ As a heat pump project manager, Pieterjan is committed to sustainable heating and cooling. πŸ’ͺ With technical expertise and green vision, he delivers projects that combine comfort and energy efficiency. 🌍

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: pieterjan.broos@energyking.be

<center>Stefaan Van Gerven</center>

Stefaan Van Gerven

Project Manager Industrial Solar Panels

πŸ”Œ As an industrial solar panel project manager, Stefaan is committed to providing renewable energy solutions for your business. πŸ’ͺ With technical expertise and green vision, he delivers projects that provide your industrial processes with renewable energy. 🌍

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: stefaan@energyking.be

<center>Roel Op de Beeck</center>

Roel Op de Beeck

Project Manager Industrial Solar Panels

πŸ”Œ As project manager for industrial solar panels, Roel is committed to providing renewable energy solutions for your company together with Stefaan. πŸ’ͺ With technical expertise and green vision, he delivers projects that provide your industrial processes with renewable energy. 🌍

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: roel.opdebeeck@energyking.be

<center>Arthur Van Hulle</center>

Arthur Van Hulle

Junior Project Manager Heat Pumps

🌿 As a Junior Project Manager for Heat Pumps, Arthur Van Hulle brings energy efficiency and sustainable heating to your projects. πŸ”₯ With his technical expertise and enthusiasm for green solutions, he provides heat and comfort in an environmentally friendly way. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: arthur.vanhulle@energyking.be

<center>Jack De Boever</center>

Jack De Boever

Junior Project Manager Solar Panels

πŸ”Œ As a junior project manager for solar panels, Jack is responsible for conducting technical visits to customers. He visits before installation to check the feasibility of the project.πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: jack.deboever@energyking.be

<center>Christoph Denies</center>

Christoph Denies

Project Manager Ventilation & Combi Projects

🌬️ As Project Manager for Ventilation & Combine Projects, Christoph breathes efficiency and air quality into your projects. πŸ’¨ With his technical knowledge and passion for sustainability, he ensures fresh and healthy spaces. πŸ’Ό

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: christoph.denies@energyking.be

<center>Arno Cuypers</center>

Arno Cuypers

Junior Project Manager Solar Panels

🌬️ As Junior Project Leader Solar Panels, Arno will help support our PV team.πŸ’¨ With his technical knowledge, he will carry out technical visits to the customers and direct execution in the right direction. πŸ’Ό

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: arno.cuypers@energyking.be

<center>Lio Segers</center>

Lio Segers

Junior Project Manager Ventilation

🌬️ As Junior Project Leader Ventilation, Lio is going to help support Christoph with all our projects.πŸ’¨ With his experience as a technician, he is going to help supervise the implementation. πŸ’Ό

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: lionel.segers@energyking.be

Our department heads

<center>Carolien Boon</center>

Carolien Boon

Junior Operations Manager

✨ As Junior Operations Manager, Carolien brings structure and efficiency to our company. πŸ“Š With a touch of organizational wizardry and a dose of problem-solving ability, she makes sure the back office and after-sales run like clockwork. 🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: carolien@energyking.be

<center>Joris Vermeulen</center>

Joris Vermeulen

Business Process Manager

πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ As business manager within our company, Joris strives for perfection in every operation. 🌟 With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach, he ensures smooth processes and impressive results. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: joris.vermeulen@energyking.be

<center>Hanne Cresens</center>

Hanne Cresens

Finance Manager

πŸ’° As head of finance, Hanne is at the helm of our corporate finances. πŸ’ͺ With a keen eye for numbers and a passion for financial health, she steers our company toward solid growth. 🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: hanne.cresens@energyking.be

<center>Yannick Sleyp</center>

Yannick Sleyp

Mergers & Acquisitions

πŸ’° The strategist in action! πŸ“Š Yannick is actively working daily to expand EnergyKing. He ensures that we can eventually expand throughout Belgium. 🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: Yannick.sleyp@energyking.be

<center>Tess De Meirsman</center>

Tess De Meirsman

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Tess ensures that the operation of our back office is optimal. She makes sure everything is running smoothly and the back office team is performing at their best. 🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: tess.demeirsman@energyking.be

<center>Sylvia Vanden Broeck</center>

Sylvia Vanden Broeck

HR Manager

Sylvia, our HR Manager takes charge of our HR department. She takes care of all of our team.πŸ‘ Interested in a job with us? Feel free to send her an email! πŸ“§

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: sylvia.vandenbroeck@energyking.be

Our accounting

<center>Andreas Vertommen</center>

Andreas Vertommen

Purchasing Manager

πŸ’Ό Meet Andreas, our Purchasing Manager at EnergyKing. He secures the right materials and partners to provide our customers with the best energy solutions. Andreas brings expertise and dedication to our team, and he is a key figure in our commitment to innovation and sustainability. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: andreas.vertommen@energyking.be

<center>Elien Verboven</center>

Elien Verboven

Accounting and Credit Control

πŸ”’ Because of Elien, financial stability is ensured. πŸ’° As credit controller within our company, she ensures healthy cash flow and risk management. 🀝 Together we are building a solid future.

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: elien.verboven@energyking.be

<center>Sil Op ’t Roodt</center>

Sil Op 't Roodt

Junior Accountant

πŸ’° As a Junior Accountant, Sil is going to help support our accounting department. He will book purchase invoices and help our team where needed. 🀝 Together we are building a solid future.

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: sil.optroodt@energyking.be

Our IT team

<center>Olivier Delgado PΓ©rez</center>

Olivier Delgado PΓ©rez

Information Technologist

πŸš€ Meet Olivier Delgado, our IT wizzard.πŸ”¬He manages our network, digital workplace and ensures top-notch cybersecurity. 🎯 Olivier is the lynchpin of our digital world, seamlessly combining innovation and security.🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: olivier.delgado@energyking.be

<center>Alain Rykaert</center>

Alain Rykaert

IT Specialist

πŸ’‘ The IT guru in action! πŸ”§ As an IT Specialist, Alain provides technical solutions and a hassle-free work environment. πŸ’» With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, he gets even the most difficult inverters up and running. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: alain@energyking.be

<center>Kris Robberechts</center>

Kris Robberechts

IT Specialist

🌟 As the person responsible for after sales, Kris ensures that our customers receive the best service and support after purchase. 🀝 With a friendly approach and technical knowledge, he is ready to solve any questions and problems. He also knows all about Fronius inverters!

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: kris@energyking.be

Our back office

<center>Femke Vermaelen</center>

Femke Vermaelen

HR Assistant

Femke, our HR assistant who is taking on the rollout of our HR department. She takes care of all of our team.πŸ‘ Interested in a job with us? Feel free to send her an email! πŸ“§

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: femke.vermaelen@energyking.be

<center>Annick Vanleeuw</center>

Annick Vanleeuw

Internal Support

Meet Annick, the rock of our back office. She is your partner from the beginning of your installation and deftly navigates through all the paperwork. She is also in charge of inspection and registration with Fluvius after placement. πŸ“‹

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: annick.vanleeuw@energyking.be

<center>Alexia Vroome<center>

Alexia Vroome

Assistant Project Manager Heat Pumps

Alexia is our colleague who keeps "Team Heat Pump" running. She makes sure for Pieterjan & Arthur that the organization and planning of heat pumps runs smoothly. She also coordinates underfloor heating and soil drilling. 🌟

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: alexia.vroome@energyking.be

<center>Lennerd Moyson</center>

Lennerd Moyson

Marketing & Social Media

🌟 In charge of marketing and social media, Lennerd brings our company to the attention of the world. πŸš€ Combining strategy and creativity, he creates sparkling campaigns and a strong online presence. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: lennerd.moyson@energyking.be

<center>Axelle Theunis</center>

Axelle Theunis

Administrative Assistant

πŸ’Ό As an Administrative Assistant, Axelle provides streamlined and efficient support. to our back office. πŸ“ She takes care of inspections and administrative processing after installation. πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: axelle.theunis@energyking.be

Our logistics team

<center>Jonas Vanderlinden</center>

Jonas Vanderlinden

Logistics & Facilities

🚚 As the logistics manager, Jonas ensures the smooth and efficient flow of goods. With an eye for detail and a passion for planning, he brings the puzzle pieces together. 🧩 Ready to take on challenges and celebrate logistics successes! 🌍

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: magazijn@energyking.be

<center>Junior Do Nascimento</center>

Junior Do Nascimento

Warehouse Worker

🚚 As a warehouse worker, Junior is a crucial player in efficiently managing the flow of goods.πŸ“¦ With his accuracy and attention to organization, he contributes to every step of the process. Together with Jonas, Junior is ready to take on challenges and celebrate logistical successes with the team! πŸ’ͺ

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: magazijn@energyking.be

Our sales team

<center>Ellen Spruyt</center>

Ellen Spruyt

Sales Support Officer

As Sales Support Officer, Ellen is there to support our sales team and help customers. 🀝 With dedication and a positive attitude, she provides excellent service and handles sales processes. πŸ’Ό

T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: ellen.spruyt@energyking.be

<center>Jo Lodewijckx</center>

Jo Lodewijckx

Energy consultant

With Jo, you've come to the right place for all your technical questions! πŸ› οΈ When it comes to solar panels, home batteries, heat pumps and ventilation, he is the absolute expert. He's eager to explore the possibilities with you. πŸ’‘

G: +32 456 14 71 64
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: jo@energyking.be

<center>Thomas Vanderick</center>

Thomas Vanderick

Energy consultant

Let's build a green future together with Thomas! 🌱 He is one of our experts on solar panels and charging stations. With his knowledge and enthusiasm, he is happy to help you on your way to sustainable energy solutions. πŸ’‘

G: +32 471 42 75 64
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: thomas@energyking.be

<center>Dieter Vincke</center>

Dieter Vincke

Energy consultant

Meet our expert in geothermal and air/water heat pumps! 🌬️ He knows no secrets when it comes to heat pumps. He is also THE man for (total) renovations and new construction projects. Dieter also takes care of project development of apartments and houses and the conversion of small SMEs to Renewables. 🌍

G: +32 468 28 38 72
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: dieter@energyking.be

<center>Kristof Umans</center>

Kristof Umans

Energy consultant

Meet Kristof, our specialist in heat pumps and solar panels! β˜€οΈ Together we are investing in renewable energy and building a sustainable future. πŸ’‘

G: +32 473 49 56 65
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: kristof.umans@energyking.be

<center>Oliver Nagels</center>

Oliver Nails

Energy consultant

Meet Oliver, one of our consultants who specializes in solar panels, home batteries and heat pumps. 🌞 Together with him, we'll discover what's possible in your home and how to lower your energy bills. πŸ’‘ Let's save energy and save money together! 🏑

G: +32 468 02 12 47
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: oliver.nagels@energyking.be

<center>Philippe Pallemaerts</center>

Philippe Pallemaerts

Energy consultant

Meet Philippe, our expert in large solar panel projects! β˜€οΈ Wondering how your business can reduce energy bills? Philippe is ready to help! πŸ’‘ Together we look at the possibilities and take steps towards a more efficient use of energy. πŸ’πŸ’°

G: +32 468 04 09 16
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: philippe.pallemaerts@energyking.be

<center>Tim Becker</center>

Tim Becker

Energy consultant

Tim is our specialist in ventilation.🌬️ Furthermore, he is also very happy to help you with questions about heat pumps, renovations and total projects.⚑️

G: +32 472 84 89 47
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: tim.becker@energyking.be

<center>Dominique Put</center>

Dominique Put

Energy consultant

Meet Dominique, one of our experts in (air-to-air) heat pumps! 🌬️ He is ready to help you with all your questions and needs regarding heat pumps and total projects. πŸ’‘ Let's take your comfort to new heights together! πŸ πŸš€

G: +32 472 33 63 31
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: dominique.put@energyking.be

<center>Thijs Van Beek</center>

Thijs Van Beek

Energy consultant

Meet Thijs, our expert in heat pumps, solar panels & other technologies! 🌊 He is ready to help you with everything you need to know for new construction, renovations and total projects. πŸ’‘

G: +32 493 48 70 16
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: thijs.vanbeek@energyking.be

<center>Matthijs De Maeyer</center>

Matthijs De Maeyer

Independent Energy Expert

Meet Matthijs, our independent energy expert! πŸ”‹ He is ready to help you with everything you need to know around charge points, solar panels and home batteries! πŸ’‘In addition, he is also responsible within EnergyKing for industrial solar panels and charge points!

G: +32 486 92 98 96
T: +32 16 41 62 10
E: matthijs@energyking.be