energyking quality


EnergyKing strives to work with solid materials. Sustainability is a very important concept for us. Therefore, we do not choose the cheapest but the best products.

Our installations are tailored to your home. We only work with the most durable materials to ensure that your installation will continue to work and perform in the most optimal way for as long as possible.

We are convinced that our method is the right one, and we are happy to help you choose the right solid materials.



For us, a personal approach is very important. We do this through open communication with the client. That way, we try to frame the specific needs of a family and do our utmost to meet those needs.

By sitting with the customer, each EnergyKing installation is given a personal touch. This ensures that your installation is customized to the requirements of your home and that we try to provide the highest possible level of comfort without losing sight of nature.

Again, we strive for a sustainable installation that is tailored to your home.

energyking advice


For EnergyKing, our goal is to provide as much customized advice as possible to the customer. We do this by sitting down with the client to review all options, this way we look for the most sustainable and the most cost effective solution for your home.

For us, sustainability and efficiency are two extremely important concepts. We strive for an ecologically responsible way to generate energy without losing sight of the payback period!

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