What is the efficiency of solar panels?

When installing solar panels, you can calculate 2 types of returns. The return of solar panels (the percentage of sunlight that is converted into electricity) and the return of your investment (what is the payback period). We would like to explain this.

The efficiency of your solar panels

The location, orientation, slope, type, number and age of your solar panels are all factors that affect the efficiency of your solar panel. A good location, plenty of sunlight combined with a quality installation automatically means a high yield. Does this also apply to Belgium where we live in a climate with lots of clouds and lower temperatures? Certainly, because solar panels do not need heat to produce electricity. Sunlight is sufficient, and on average we have about 1,500 hours of sunshine per year, which means that solar panels produce enough electricity even in winter.

Tip from Energyking: when you decide to install solar panels, be well informed by a specialist. Choose quality and powerful solar panels with high efficiency and long life.

The return on your investment

The exact payback period for solar panels is between 7 to 9 years depending on your basic investment. The cost you pay for new solar panels depends greatly on your energy needs, the number and quality of course. Do cheap solar panels pay for themselves faster? Surely not! In the long run, cheap solar panels do not achieve the expected return, making your investment unsustainable. By choosing the best solar panels, you will save hundreds of euros annually in energy costs and create added value for your home, even in the long term.

Tip from Energyking: cheap solar panels do not always give better returns. Compare and choose wisely so that your investment and your return are always balanced. Our installers are happy to come by for a no-obligation consultation.

efficiency of solar panels

More information on the cost price of solar panels can be found at the Flemish Energy Agency. On their website www.energiesparen.be you can also calculate your personal payback period.

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