Flemish government approves Heat Plan 2025.

Find out how the Flemish government approved the 2025 heat plan and what impact it will have on energy supply in Flanders.

Changes 2022: energy efficient building and remodeling - EnergyKing

A new year brings a lot of changes. In this article you will find an overview what the changes are in terms of building and remodeling.

4 Reasons to switch to renewable energy

Do you still heat your home with heating oil? Do you have a gas fire in the kitchen? That will soon be a thing of the past. More and more Belgians are switching to renewable energy. We are doing this because it is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet and for the new generation of appliances. Haven't you made the switch yet? We give you 4 good reasons to make the switch to renewable energy.
Alfen charging station

Solar panels and electric driving, a winning duo!

Using your solar panels to charge your electric car? We look at the different aspects of this winning duo.
Ventilation roof unit

Why ventilation is important.

Ventilation improves the quality of an indoor space. Ventilation can prevent unpleasant odors, allergies and health problems. There are two methods, uncontrolled or controlled ventilation, in other words natural or mechanical ventilation. But what is the difference?