Air conditioning

Why is air conditioning efficient in winter?

Many Belgian homes today are equipped with an air conditioner that runs at full speed, especially during the summer months. And why not? We all want to stay cool and comfortable. With winter approaching, most air conditioners are pushed into the forgotten corner waiting for the next summer. Or are they? In this article, we discuss how efficient your air conditioner is in winter and answer all your questions!
Longi PVEL 2021

In 2021, Longi's solar panels were again voted one of the most reliable in the world by the PVEL:

LONGI is the world's largest manufacturer of solar panels & mono-crystalline solar cells. Since its establishment in 2000, in China, the company has focused on pioneering mono-crystalline technologies. LONGI's solar panels are highly innovative and high quality. This year, they were again voted by the PVEL as one of the most reliable panels in the world!
piggy bank

5 step plan to lower your energy bill with renewable energy!

We went looking for how to lower our future energy bills, in an environmentally friendly way. A win-win with nature, as it were. With this 5-step plan, you are already taking a step in the right direction.

Electric driving, subsidies and tax breaks.

Electric driving is the future, as you can see from the number of electric cars driving around and being sold. Moreover, all commercial vehicles must be electric starting in 2026. Apart from the positive impact on the environment and reduced fuel costs, certain tax benefits, rebates and exemptions make the purchase of an electric car very attractive.

Discussion gas plants, how dependent are we on natural gas?

More than half of our energy bill today consists of natural gas costs. Energy generated by wind, solar or water is not enough to heat us or meet our daily electricity needs. So for now, we need other sources of energy. The question is which ones?