Solar panels on a roof

More solar energy than ever generated in Flanders

Summer month of July broke records with the highest solar energy production ever in Flanders. Solar panels in Belgium generated 15% of the power.
Man loathes mobile air conditioner

Why a mobile air conditioner is not a good option

A mobile air conditioner may seem like the easiest and cheapest way to combat heat, but it comes with more disadvantages than advantages. For example, they are real energy guzzlers, not only are they sacrificing some of the cool air, they also create a low-pressure environment and a host of other disadvantages.

On vacation with your electric car, how feasible is it?

What still holds many people back is the constant charging stress they think they experience while traveling. However, this stress is unjustified. Provided some preparation, electric cars can cover distances of up to 1200 km in one day. We give you some tips that can make your electric car trip easier.
Family leaves on vacation

How to leave carefree and energy-saving on vacation

Find out how to leave on vacation worry-free and energy-saving. Tips and advice for leaving your home safe and efficient.